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Yordi Werkzam

Yordi Werkzam
Year: 2022

When Yordi first started writing and making films he felt like he found his calling and passion. However, after some time he realized that his qualities and experience were better suited for work on a more pragmatic side, where he can still collaborate with other filmmakers. As a producer, Yordi wants to help unique voices from underrepresented backgrounds to tell their stories and be able to bring fresh Dutch and European perspectives into the international film and TV industry. 

Born in Amsterdam and growing up in a Surinamese family, Yordi was always surrounded by family and friends with diverse backgrounds. This is still a big part of his life and the work he would like to put out. That is why Yordi loves treating the big city as a character and arena, where unique perspectives and (sub)cultures can flourish. 

Yordi graduated from International Business studies at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

This educational program allowed him to live in many places abroad such as Chile, Los Angeles, CA and Seoul, South Korea over a period of three years. After his studies he worked on several film sets and eventually got an internship at Topkapi Films in Amsterdam before starting the NPA program. 

Yordi is most focused on working in fiction, be it TV series or Film. However, he is also interested in exploring other forms of storytelling that have been emerging in recent years such as video games, animation and the still developing NFT space. 

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