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Emilia Lantink

Emilia Lantink
Year: 2022

Emilia first got interested in filmmaking by writing a lot. She loved seeing worlds come alive under her pen, but she worried that making writing her job would make her lose that passion. Perhaps that is why she feels safer as a producer. After all, she enjoys the process of film production, managing people and managing resources. 

Emilia started out in film working as a production assistant ‘on the side’ while studying Creative Business. This meant she often had to work weekends, but she loved the job, so it was a sacrifice she was willing to make. In 2021 Emilia started an internship at Umami Media, working as an assistant production manager on Videoland Academy’s De Sterfshow. After that she continued as a production coordinator on Rinkelfilm’s Strijder (Big Man), which was especially fun because a lot of the film was shot in her hometown of Rotterdam. 

Once that production wrapped she graduated with a research project for the ANNE+ Foundation and produced Bittersweet, a friend’s graduation TV pilot for the Willem de Kooning Academy. 

Emilia’s hope is to see the film industry allow space for and encourage people of various backgrounds, genders, and sexualities to feel safe and create with a vulnerability that true authenticity requires. She especially wants to support the representation of queer people in high-quality productions and help queer or otherwise diverse creatives make their way in the industry. Emilia’s main focus is on producing fiction. Her dream is 

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