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Nizar El Manouzi

Nizar El Manouzi
Year: 2022

For a while Nizar envisioned his future in the medical field, but he eventually realised that it didn’t fulfill his passion, ideas and creative energy. Nizar’s occupations now range from acting, producing, presenting and being a creative entrepreneur. His passions include philosophy, medicine, social action, and above all, exploring the complexity of reality and human nature. Nizar is influenced by the stories he encounters in his personal life, and draws a lot of inspiration from his bicultural background as a Moroccan raised in the Netherlands. He believes that film is a powerful medium for communicating complex thoughts, feelings and experiences in a way that is accessible to most people. 

As a film producer, Nizar believes he can transcend boundaries between all of his interests while creating an experience for the viewer where they can feel engaged, surprised and embraced. 

He likes to explore formats such as social drama, thriller and documentary and wants to accomplish this by creating space for talented makers to bring their vision forward in an authentic way. 

Being at NPA gives Nizar a chance to combine his talents with his passion. The most valuable lesson he learned during NPA is that you always have something to offer and that your motivation is the most important element for a sustainable and fun project. At the same time, he learned to work with people who enjoy what they do even when their perspectives differ. 

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