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Madhiha Duynhouwer

Madhiha Duynhouwer
Year: 2022

Growing up in a tiny village in the south of the Netherlands, Madhiha always had a strong set of ideals as well as a fascination for art and movies, spending days in front of the television, watching various films and series from around the world. She studied law and liberal arts & sciences. She then briefly worked in the corporate world but decided she needed a different kind of fulfillment. As the first-born daughter in an immigrant family, organization skills are deeply rooted in her and she soon discovered that producing came naturally to her. 

Madhiha enjoys finding the best team for a project, surrounding herself with people that inspire her. “As a producer, you are never done learning, the industry is ever changing and always up for improvement.’’ Bringing more diversity and authentic representation into the industry is a big goal for Madhiha. 

She believes that the entertainment industry of the future should be based on good stories that can appeal to and are accessible to everyone and she hopes that one day the Dutch film industry will be famous for complex and layered films because she believes The Netherlands has much untapped potential for international success. 

Being part of the NPA gave Madhiha the final push and confidence to follow her dreams, and most importantly, gave her a community in which she feels supported. “Everybody is so vulnerable and honest when they come here, it makes it feel unreal”. 

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