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Frequently Asked Questions

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Submissions are open from now until March 3, 2023.

The entry requirements are as following: 

  • Applicants must have production experience within the wider cultural sector – advertising, theatre, and music videos;
  • Applicants are proficient in both English and Dutch
  • Applicants have an entrepreneurial mindset;
  • Applicants have a basic understanding of the production process in the cultural sector; from pre-production to production and post-production;
  • Applicants are passionate about their career path and have an interesting personal motivation to produce films.
  • Three-minute video;

We ask for a three-minute video – either in Dutch or in English – to introduce yourself and your motivation for wanting to apply, both within your own career journey and for the Dutch film industry. We want to see that you’re aspiring to an enduring career as a producer. 

  • One-page Pitch

Additionally, we’re looking for a one-page pitch for a chosen film idea, either fiction or non-fiction.

  • A CV

We ask our applicants to upload their latest CV. Please, include your full name, address, phone number, email address and relevant work experience including the organization where you worked, the job title, the dates you were employed and a summary of your experience and achievements.

  • A link to previous work(s)

If any work is available, please include a YouTube or Vimeo – including a password, if necessary – to some of your latest work. 

We ask for a small application fee of €15 (incl. BTW) to cover administrative costs and to encourage candidates to take their application seriously. The fellowship has the potential to be a life-changing experience and requires a commitment of your time and energy. If you don’t think your application is ready, then we encourage you to take your time and wait for the next opportunity to enter.

The New Producers Academy Fellowship Program is an 18-month fellowship and looks as following:

  • May 2023 – December 2023 academy training and workshops;
  • January 2024 – May 2024 gaining experience under the lead of an established producer;
  • June 2024 – December 2024 Start production of the NPA short.
  • We expect to announce our 2022 New Producers – at the latest- by the end of April 2022.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to unsuccessful applications.


  • We have an independent selection committee consisting of leading Dutch and international producers to assess applications and ultimately select five lucky applicants;
  • These members will be appointed on the basis of their experience;
  • The committee will be diverse in terms of personal and cultural background, so each committee member can judge the applications from a relevant perspective;
  • The New Producers Academy prioritises the international reputation of Dutch films, which is why part of the selection committee will also have considerable international production experience.

A small selection committee will chose the most relevant profiles based on:

  • Motivation and creative ambition;
  • Profile and background;
  • Demonstrated storytelling talent;
  • Entrepreneurial skills;
  • Project plan.


The committee will invite a short-list of candidates for a video interview to get to know them better and a decision will be made on our final five New Producers.

Become a part of the New Producers Academy


Become a Producer

There is a one-time application fee of €15 (incl. BTW)

Before applying for the New Producers Academy Fellowship 2023, please read the requirements and review our Privacy Policy and FAQs. If you still have questions regarding the entry process, please feel free to reach out: hello[@]

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